Wondering what it’s like to watch movies at the water’s edge, under the open skies?

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We had an awesome time. Brilliant idea, hope you guys do it again

Colm C.
Watching a movie at the Sail-In Cinema™ was one of the coolest things I‘ve ever done in Toronto.
Florence M.
The movie and the setting was awesome. Hopefully, there's more to come.

Sail-In Cinema™ was a great idea, would love to see more movies next summer.
Julie K.
The Sail-In Cinema™ event was a huge success in my family. We would be thrilled if more weekends featured this event. Great way to spend an evening by the water with family and friends under the stars.
Nathalie B.
The Sail-In Cinema™ was an awesome idea! It DEFINITELY needs to be a recurring summer event!
Pamo A.
Thank you for doing [Sail-In] Cinema. It was a beautiful night and it was an awesome idea to have the cinema at Sugar Beach!

Sue A.